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Tell me how you found me, why you want to be my friend.*grins*

I'm pretty sure I friend you back.


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I'm stealing this idea from [ profile] slash_srs

Here you can find all the links to my stories and series. Most of my stories involve slash that means M/M relationships. Two guys getting it on, you don't like don't read.

Most of my series involve disabled characters, cannon. Again if you don't like that then please don't read it.

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These are some of my plotbunnies, I want to know what you guys think. *grins* And if you get inspired by some of the bunnies let me know, thanks.

Here are the bunnies )
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He looks hot.

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Okay here is a list of things I really want to do and some idea's that are running around in my head. I have a pretty good idea that this list will grow *headdesk*

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I did it, I opened an account on dreamwidth *headdesk*. Instead of trying to figure out who has an account there too, I'm doing it like this. Here is the link, feel free to friend me.

I will post my Alternate Universe stories I'm going to write and writing on that journal. Well if you want to know more, check out the first and only post I put up there. Please be patient, I'm still exploring it.
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Okay sorry for being so silent, but I'm doing a lot of stuff right now. I'm still working on my original 'Mating Rituals' it's a slow process, so please be patient. I also started on my next part of my Wereverse, first chapter can be found on the Sylum list, will put it up on [ profile] wolfs_embrace later today. I'm also working on some new original idea's and converting some of my other stories into originals. I will also update my LJ's as soon as possible, I already put up some links to other LJ's and sites where my stories can be found in my Master fic and series list, it's on the end of the list. They are not all up there yet. I will also finally put up the bonding tattoo of Warrick/Eric, you know where to find it. I'm also going to work on making some icons again. You can find them here [ profile] blades_mate some of them will be crossposted to other LJ comm's. You will find this post on more of my LJ's sorry for that.
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I have set up an author's site as some of you know and also an LJ for updates and stuff. You can find the link to my LJ on my profile page. There has been some questions about my authors name J.J. Wolfe. People I won't mention here questioned if I didn't rip it off the author name BJ Wolf. I know it's a name Bev and Speed use for their colaborate fics on Sylum. Let me tell you it isn't. The two first initials J.J. come from my nickname I go by JoJo. The Wolfe I came up with due to the fact that I write a werewolf verse and I thought it was suiting, hell even my adopted sis knew right away *hugs Beck* So with this post I want to get rid of all the doubts about the name. It was all my idea and my friend/beta/plotbuddy SRS/Slash. You will probably get this post or something simulair more then once, cause I'm posting it on some of my other LJ's.
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Yes, finally found it. I'm not sure if I can vote since I live outside the US. So this is my way to support the petition against prop 8.

Please those who can vote go here and sign the petition against prop 8. Thank you.
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Okay some of you know that I started a story about werewolves and that it is getting a little out of hand. *headdesk* It is now becoming a verse. Due to that the verse is my main priority, I will continue my other stories but the update will be slow, very slow. I also no longer post the stories for my verse on this LJ, I made a new shiny one [ profile] wolfs_embrace Everything, the stories, character lists and tatoos can all be find there.

It's mainly just to let you know that I'm not abandening my other stories they are just placed on a back burner. *grins*

For those on Sylum will know when I post another story for those who are just friends here on my LJ all I can say, check regulary for updates. I will continue writing these stories no worries, but I just don't know what bunny pops up from the woodworks. *face palm* I know some of you have that same problem. *grins*
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Here is the character list for the Lunar Pack and the story 'Alphas And Their Mates'

Characters for next story. )
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Here is the rough outline for my verse. there will be probably some changes as the verse progresses.

find your way. )
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Here I will post the tattoos the different characters have. Bonded mates have the same tattoo on top of their right hand.

Tattoos )
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Okay people will be off tomorrow to Berlin with my family for two weeks. Going to meet a chat budy there too *grins* YAY!!!!

So I see everyone in two weeks, probably with new idea's and bunnies. *headdesk*
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Here is the list for the characters in my series. It's still a little rough, still need to put some more info in it. But for now you have an idea who the characters are in their Werewolf form.

characters )
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*bounces**grins* YAY!!!! I'm nominated for the story 'My Sweet, Sweet Boy'. CSI New York in the angst category. I'm so excited, I can't believe it.

Here is a link back to the shiny banners go check them out there awesome.

Link to banners


Aug. 12th, 2008 11:38 pm
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1.Moan 2.Butt plug 3.Satin 4.Lube 5.Ring
6.Restraints 7.Feather 8.Leather 9.Massage 10.Chastity belt
11.Ice 12.Oil 13.Thrust 14.Nipple ring 15.Throat
16.Public sex 17.Rough sex 18.Strained 19.Whisper 20.Lick
21.Kiss 22.Blindfold 23.Handcuffs 24."Toys" 25.Orgy
26.Piercing 27.Scent 28.Dominant 29.Submissive 30.Kinky
31.Erection 32.Champagne 33.Cuddle 34.Foreplay 35.Intercourse
36.Afterglow 37.Cherries 38.Fingers 39.Suckle 40.Virgins
41.Sluts 42.Relationships 43.Talking Dirty 44.Sweet Nothings 45.Proposition
46.Bottom 47.Top 48.Cunning 49.Heart 50.Heated
51.Lips 52.Role Play 53.Threesome 54.Self-Love 55.Voyeur
56.Cyber 57.Phone Encounter 58.Strangers 59.Best Friends 60.Enemies
61.Slick 62.Wet 63.Deep 64.Dirty 65.Bad
66.Wrong 67.Writer's Choice 68.Writer's Choice 69.Writer's Choice

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fear tears fever snuggle loss
headache/migraine abuse grief heartbreak guilt



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