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Here is the rough outline for my verse. there will be probably some changes as the verse progresses.

Outline Were Verse.

Back stories

Finding Home. CSI Miami/CSI New York

Mating Rituals: CSI/CSI Miami/CSI New York and other fandoms.

The werewolves find their mates. Horatio/Speed, Mac/Greg, Don/Danny.

Missing scenes.

Can't Deny This Feeling.

Timeline: A few weeks after Mating Rituals.

Alpha’s And Their Mates. CSI/CSI Miami/CSI New York/NCIS/CM/Cold Case

Some alpha’s having trouble with their mates. Gibbs/Ryan, Nick/Tony.

Timeline: In the same timeline as ‘Alpha’s And Their Mates’

Soul Searching. CSI/CSI Miami/CSI New York.

Is this really something Eric wants? Warrick/Eric.

Timeline: In the same timeline as 'Alphas And Their Mates'

Hunting Down The Monster. Criminal Minds.

After Reid's kidnapping and they find out that Tobias is a werewolf Morgan goes on a personal mission to hunt him down. Morgan/Reid.

Timeline: In the same timeline as Alpha’s And Their Mates and Soul Searching.

(no title yet) Criminal Minds.

Now that Reid is turned he needs to find his mate. Hotchner/Reid

Timeline: A few months after Alpha’s And Their Mates and Soul Searching.

(no title yet) Numb3rs.

Colby is signed to Don’s team by the Assistant Director to spy on them. But something happens and Colby has a change of heart. Don/Charlie, Colby/Ian/Cooper.

Timeline: Shortly after…..

The Lost Sons CSI/CSI Miami/CSI New York/Numb3rs.

Something bad happens that reunites Gil with his lost sons. And they find the next enforcer for the pack.

Timeline: Several months after ‘The Lost Sons’

(no title yet) NCIS/CM/Bones/Cold Case.

Morgan finally finds his mate. Morgan/Booth.

Timeline: Months after 'The Lost Sons'

(no title yet) Multifandom.

A group of rogues is killing humans. Police, FBI, BAU and werewolves work together to bring them down. Various pairings.

There will be more as the verse progresses.

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