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2009-02-09 04:39 pm
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Attention, please read.

Okay some of you know that I started a story about werewolves and that it is getting a little out of hand. *headdesk* It is now becoming a verse. Due to that the verse is my main priority, I will continue my other stories but the update will be slow, very slow. I also no longer post the stories for my verse on this LJ, I made a new shiny one [ profile] wolfs_embrace Everything, the stories, character lists and tatoos can all be find there.

It's mainly just to let you know that I'm not abandening my other stories they are just placed on a back burner. *grins*

For those on Sylum will know when I post another story for those who are just friends here on my LJ all I can say, check regulary for updates. I will continue writing these stories no worries, but I just don't know what bunny pops up from the woodworks. *face palm* I know some of you have that same problem. *grins*