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These are some of my plotbunnies, I want to know what you guys think. *grins* And if you get inspired by some of the bunnies let me know, thanks.

Dreams and Passions. Nick/Danny. Nick has been trained as a soldier since he was a young boy, a ghost walker. Escaping that life he joins the New York crime lab, trying to make a normal life for himself. Not able to recognize love he doesn’t know what happens to him when he meets Danny Messer. Disabled since birth and wheelchair bound, this street wise kid steals his heart and teaches him what love is.

Love Lost, Love found. Mac/Danny. What if Mac wasn’t the only one who lost someone at 9/11. After losing his lover at the Towers, Danny starts working for the crime lab. Swearing to himself not to fall in love anymore ever, Danny finds that he is slowly falling for his boss. Two lonely hearts finding each other.

Numb3rs. Colby/Charlie, Colby/Charlie/Don. Being separated as babies after their parents died, Charlie gets adopted by a loving family, Don a double below the knee amputee due to severely deformed legs, bounces from one foster home to another.
Present day. Don is a famous architect and is asked to design the new wing for the CalSci university. There is where he meets Colby and Charlie, they are lovers. Both men want Don to come play with them. What happens when they find out that Don and Charlie are brothers? Will it destroy their new found love or make them stronger?

Sniper/Target. Crossover Numb3rs/CSI Miami. Don/Horatio. Don is an assassin and Charlie helps him with his equations. They get the assignment to take out Horatio Caine. Not knowing who their target is they arrive in Miami to get the job done. They meet their target and find out more about him and that he is innocent. Don slowly fall in love with Horatio.

This story is multifandom.

Human/Cyborg. It’s the future. Someone who is missing a limb or has internal organs failure get’s cyborg parts. But the company wants to do more experiments so starts kidnapping people who are whole and start experimenting on them. A few escape after they are modified. The police is investigating and some of them fall in love with the modified people the half human/half cyborg. Multifandom.


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