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Here is the character list for the Lunar Pack and the story 'Alphas And Their Mates'

Lunar Pack

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Jethro Gibbs = Conall. He is a born were. He is the alpha of the pack. He is also a Special Agent In Charge at the Major Case Response Team at the NCIS.

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Derek Morgan = Wulfric. He was made by Gibbs. He is the beta of the pack and Gibbs right hand. He is a Supervisory Special Agent at the BAU and his team doesn't know that he is a werewolf. He is in a relationship with Reid but he isn't his mate.

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Scotty Valens = Weylyn. He is a born were. He is the enforcer of the pack. He is mated with Tim McGee. He was trained as an enforcer by Timothy 'Speed' Speedle.

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Tim McGee = Casidhe. He is a made were, turned by his mate Scotty. He is a Special Agent // Major Case Response Team Junior Field Agent at the NCIS.


Aaron Hotchner: FBI BAU Supervisory Special Agent/Unit Chief.

David Rossi: FBI BAU Senior Supervisory Special Agent.

Dr. Spencer Reid: FBI BAU Supervisory Special Agent.

Jennifer Jareau: FBI BAU Supervisory Special Agent.

Emily Prentiss: FBI BAU Supervisory Special Agent.

Penelope Garcia: FBI Technical Analyst.

Anthony DiNozzo: Special Agent // Major Case Response Team Senior Field Agent.

Ziva David: Mossad Liaison Officer.

Dr. Donald 'Ducky' Mallard: Chief Medical Examiner and Forensic Expert.

Abby Sciuto: Forensic and Evidence Specialist.

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