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Here is the list for the characters in my series. It's still a little rough, still need to put some more info in it. But for now you have an idea who the characters are in their Werewolf form.

Main Character List Mating Rituals series.


Wolfram Pack.

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Nick Stokes = Goldenwind. He is the alpha male of the Pack. He was 'made' by Gil after he found him dying in the desert. He became alpha of the Wolfram pack in Miami after the previous alpha had died.

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Warrick Brown = Sunfire. He is beta, Nick's right hand in command. He's made by Nick during a passioned night together.

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Timothy ‘Speed’ Speedle = Black Shadow. He was born a were. He is Nick’s enforcer. He left his pack for a while after he was forced to fight his alpha leader to take his place. He refused and left. Will be granted a second name after he saved someone’s life.

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Danny Messer = Snowdrift. He was 'made' non-con by Sonny Sassone. Speed found him in the woods where he was left for dead and took him with him back to Miami. They are close as brothers.

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Ryan Wolfe = Moonraiser. He's born a were, he's an anchor. He's able to take away pain physically as well as mentally by touching someone. He can ground him/her and calm them down.

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Greg Sanders = Silverclaw.

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Gil = Takar. He is the teacher and adviser of the pack. His mate was killed by a rogue.

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Alexx Woods = Amberwind. She is a healer.

Original Characters

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Jason Williams = Oberon. He's a Shaman.


Horatio Caine: Lieutenant of the Federal Police Force in Miami.

Mac Taylor: His second in command.

Don flack: Detective third grade. Hates all werewolves with a passion after his whole family was killed by rogue werewolves.

This list will be updated as the story progresses.

Link to first chapter


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