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Archangels Character Guide.


Gill Grissom= Darawelon: He’s the leader of the Arch Angels in the USA. He judges over people, fallen Angels and Demons. He has magical powers. No one knows how old he is, “my age, guess.” He is mated with Greg who is human.

Mack ‘Mac’ Taylor= Broadan: He’s second in command. A warrior in every sense of the word, seen many battles. He has beyond human strength but is very passionate. He is 1500 years old. He is mated with Danny Messer who is an Arch Angel too. It’s not common for two Angels to be mated but it happens occasionally. He and Danny will be mated in the future with Sheldon Hawkes who is human.

Horatio Caine= Kinar: He’s the adviser of the Arch Angels. He is also head of security who have their main office in Miami. He has the sight of the future. He is mated with Speed who is an Arch Angel. He is 1245 years old.

Timothy ‘Speed’ Speedle= Terak: He has the ability to heal and knowing when something is going to happen. He knows when a new Angel is being born or when there is a evil person nearby. The community trusts those feelings. He’s mated with Horatio. He is 1120 years old.

Nick Stokes= Toar: He can control the human mind, can go inside someone’s head, knows what their thinking. Got him sometimes into trouble with his mate. He’s mated with Warrick, who is human. He is 1006 years old.

Daniel ‘Danny’ Messer= Jemim: He controls gravity, can make things fly. Always gets him in trouble. He’s mated with Mac. He is 864 years old.

Stella Bonasera= Chairra: She controls the four elements, earth, fire, wind, water. She will be mated with Donald ‘Don’ Flack, who is human. She is 1200 years old.

Aiden Burn= Daia: She can hypnotize people, let them do things beyond their control. She has her fun with Lindsay. She will be mated with Marty Pino, who is human. She is 950 years old.

Alexx Woods= Kalite: She is an empathic. She uses her ability to calm people down or help them to go to the other side. She has no mate. She is 1230 years old.

Scotty Valens= Dhar: He is an Human Angel. His father Vomus is a Fallen Angel and his mother Maritase wasn't quit human either (explanation will follow). He has powers but doesn't know it yet. His future mate is John Stillman who is human. He is 300 years old.

Fallen Angels.

Rick Stetler= Badoffren: He is the leader of the Fallen Angels. He has dark powers, tried to use them against Darawelon many times, but failed. He is mated with Megan Donner. Rumor goes he is even older than Darawelon.

Raymond Caine= Raweth: He is Badoffren’s right hand, and warrior, Kinar’s brother. Fought against Broadan many times. He has the ability to control the human soldiers Jinra provides for him. He is mated with Sarah. He is 1250 years old.

Megan Donner= Isodariun: Like Toar, she can control the human mind. Once was Toar’s student, now she uses her power for evil. She is mated with Stetler. She is 1000 years old.

Sarah Sidle= Jinra: She has the ability to let men fall in love with her and uses them as she pleases. Make them her slaves and soldiers for her leader, Badoffren. She is mated with Raymond Caine. She is 800 years old.

Marisol Delko= Dagendhra: She has the ability to make people sick by just touching them. She died of cancer and became a Fallen Angel, because of her sins. She is a young Angel, not more than a few years old. She has no mate.

The list will be updated as the story progresses.


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