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I'm stealing this idea from [ profile] slash_srs

Here you can find all the links to my stories and series. Most of my stories involve slash that means M/M relationships. Two guys getting it on, you don't like don't read.

Most of my series involve disabled characters, cannon. Again if you don't like that then please don't read it.

CSI New York.

Men Mac/Danny
They both knew this could never be.

His Angel Aiden/Danny
She was his angel.

I'm Falling Mac/Danny
This wasn't supposed to happen.

Insecure Mac/Danny
Danny feels a little insecure about Mac's love for him.

Even To heaven Mac/Danny
He would even ride his bike in heaven.

Master And Slave Sheldon/Danny
Danny had been a bad boy.

Journal Entry Aiden
She loves Danny with whole her heart, but sometimes...

Journal Entry Aiden
Her boys, they are good for one another.

Journal Entry Aiden
Stella is a fighter.

CSI Miami

His Devil Horatio/Speed
He sleeps with the devil.

Always and Forever Eric/Speed
He hated fighting.

Feeling Alive Horatio/Speed
He needed to feel alive again.

Like A Charm Horatio/Speed
It worked like a charm, every time.

Journal Entry Timothy 'Speed' Speedle
Horatio will keep him safe.


Reassurances Don/Charlie
Don reassurance his brother that he is okay.

Still Standing Don/Charlie
He didn't die he was still standing.

The Bet Don/Charlie/Colby
Charlie and Colby made a bet.

New Numb3rs stories I'm working on.

Right now I started two disability stories, in both stories Don is disabled.

This Is All Of Me.

Don lost his right leg below his knee after an explosion, resulting in four members of his old team losing their lifes. He becomes the head of the Violent Crime Squad. But the man responsible comes to LA to finish the job. Don/Charlie, Don/Charlie/David.

Love Me For Who I Am.

Don lost both his legs above the knee due to an explosion. His legs where crushed by a concreet sealing, it was a trap. He becomes head of the Violent Crime Squad, but Colby has some problems with that. Ian, Don's lover likes Colby and wants him to come play with them. How will Don and Colby react to that. Don/Ian, Don/Ian/Colby.

I'm also working on a story Don/David where David takes care of Don after what happened in 'Arrow Of Time'.

Time, We Have Time.

You can also find my Numb3rs fiction here.

Everything Is Numb3rs

Spooks AKA MI5.

I Spy Adam Carter/?
Adam thinks about his life as a spook.

Hero Adam Carter/Lucas North
He always has to play the fuckin' hero.

Body Art Adam Carter/Lucas North.
Adam goes looking for a hidden tattoo but gets distracted.


Vampire Knight

Love And Hate Kaname Kuran/Zero Kiryu
Zero hated him, he was nothing but a monster, a vampire.

Sylum stories.

His Heart and Soul Aiden/Blade
Who says Vampires have no heart and soul.

She Didn't Aiden/Blade
It looks nice on him.

Busted Aiden/Blade
They did it and now they are so busted.


Forgive me Any fandom Any pairing
She/He hated fighting.


CSI Miami/CSI New York

Stupid Horatio/Danny
Danny felt so stupid.

Remembering Her Mac/Speed
She was one tough lady.

Just Sex Sheldon/Speed
It was just some meaningless sex.

CSI New York/Flashpoint

Feeling Safe Ed/Sam/Danny
He knew that his lovers would keep him safe.

Moonlight/CSI Miami

His One And All Mick St. John/Speed
He was his one and all.

Dancing On Air Mick St. John/Speed.
Speed isn't good with crowds and Mikc has just the right remedy for that.


Vengeance And Freedom

The Last Samurai

The Heart of a Warrior Nathan Algren
He fought with the heart of a warrior.

The Chronicles of Riddick

The Promise Riddick
He would kill the new monsters too.

My series.

Wild Country, Wild Heart. CSI Miami Horatio/Speed.
They came to this wild country looking for freedom and happiness. One of them got more then he ever had thought possible.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five

Cold Revenge CSI Miami Horatio/Speed.
Someone on the team goes missing and is find murdered later. Horatio and Speed want revenge on the ones who killed their friend.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

Beyond The Pain. CSI Miami Horatio/Speed.
Horatio is with CSI, Speed is blind due to congenital glaucoma and owns a string of nightclubs in Miami.

I'm Here
Quiet Time
Meeting The Family
Meeting at the Club
Sweet Revenge Part One
Sweet Revenge Part Two
Dear Journal Entry Timothy 'Speed' Speedle
Target Part One
Target Part Two
Denying Love
Becoming A Man

This story is finished for now.

He's Mine CSI Miami Horatio/Speed.
Horatio and Speed are very happy, but someone wants to destroy that happiness. Someone is stalking Horatio and will do anything to get him, even hurt the one he loves.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four

Heartbound CSI New York Mac/Danny, Mac/Danny/Don.
Mac is with CSI, Danny is an incomplete paraplegic due to a severe beating. He owns a string of stores specialised in wheelchairs.

First Meetings
Truth And Heartaches
First Touches
Slow Steps
Love Me Part One
Love Me Part Two
Wanting You
Just Dinner?
Old Flames
Past Revisited
Two Is Company, Three Is Better
Surprise Encounters

This story is finished for now.

The Way of Love CSI New York Mac/Danny.
This is an AU series. Mac is with CSI, Danny is an Army Ranger and served in Iraq. He was involved in an explosion resulting in loosing both his legs.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five

'New Beginning' is the second part of 'The Way Of Love'.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five

My Sweet, Sweet Boy CSI New York Don/Danny.
The team is investigating cases of child molesting and child murder. Someone of Danny's past reserves and wants him back.

My Sweet, Sweet Boy
What Haunts You?
Innocence Lost
Remember Us
Reliving The Past
A Lover's Comfort
Happy Birthday
A Father's Touch
My Other Half
Sinfull Gifts

Mistaken Love series CSI Miami. Ryan/Speed. This is another AU. Ryan is with CSI but Speed is in the Witness Protection Programm and his a criminal history.

Chapter One: Who Are you?
Chapter Two: Trust
Chapter Three: Past and Present
Chapter Four: Unexpected Haven
Chapter Five: Mistakes
Chapter Six: Discoveries

Lost In Your Eyes CSI Miami/CSI New York Horatio/Speed/Danny.
Danny is running away from New York and ends up in Miami, getting more then he bargened for.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four

Dreams And Passions

Coming soon.

Love Lost, Love Found

Coming soon.

Alternate Universes/Supernatural/Paranormal/Fantasy

Mating Rituals series Multifandom. Horatio/Speed, Mac/Greg, Don/Danny, Warrick/Eric.
This is an AU supernatural series. This is a world where Werewolves and other Wereanimals live among humans. Hunted down by some loved by others.

Link to the outline of the verse. There will be probably some changes as the verse progresses.


Link to my character list. It will be updated as the story progresses.

Character List

Link to the tattoos. It will be updated as the story progresses.


Chapter One: Making Contact
Chapter Two: Finding Their Mates
Chapter Three: Blood Justice
Chapter Four: It Happens In Three
Chapter Five: Mating Dance
Chapter Six: Journey's End
Chapter Seven: Green-Eye Mate
Chapter Eight: Revelations
Chapter Nine: Saying Goodbye
Chapter Ten: Blood Hunt
Chapter Eleven: Blood For Blood

Okay I'm not going to post anymore of this story on this LJ. You can all find it on my new shiny LJ [ profile] wolfs_embrace It's not flocked so everyone can go and read it. have fun.

A New World Multifandom. Horatio/Speed, Mac/Danny.
This is my AU. A great war was fought and people tried to build up there lives again. There will be more fandoms and pairings as the story progresses.

Chapter One

Arch Angels Multifandom. Horatio/Speed, Mac/Danny, Gil/Greg, Nick/Warrick.
This is my AU for the Angels and Demons AU I co-write with Beck and Paul. There will be more fandoms and pairings as the story progresses.ยต

Little Angel
A new Angel will be born.

Chapter One
Chapter Two

Mistic Love

Chapter One

This is my NaNo novel I started to write last year, sadly never finished it so this is just a part. I'm going to revamp it and will finish it someday, hopefully.

Moonlight/CSI Miami. Mick St. John/Speed, Horatio/Eric.

Eternal Soul

Besides this LJ you can find my stories here. Mind you, this LJ and wolfs_embrace will be updated first.









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